Persistent Faith and Healthy Concept

Persistence is the spiritual pillar for Seamild to move forward; Honesty is the moral cornerstone of Seamild's career; Harmony, the cultural atmosphere of Seamild's growth; Focus on the way of health and all the people’s health.


Establish an industry benchmark and create a century brand

Seamild vision

Seamild takes refinement, strength and growth as its primary task, does not blindly pursue expansion, and leads the industry with leadership in quality, service and innovation“ Building an industry benchmark and creating a century old brand "is the grand goal of Ximai's tireless and eternal pursuit, the blueprint for the development of Ximai and the" Lighthouse "to guide all Ximai people forward.

Serve All the People’s Health

Seamild mission

Seamild always pays attention to the health industry, cares for the health of families, and makes the health value of oats benefit the public by continuously expanding and developing oats health food. Since the founding of Ximei, chairman Xie has carried the banner of "serving the health of all people". It is the eternal and consistent spiritual pursuit of all Ximei people, and the driving force to lead and inspire all Ximei people to persevere and strive for new development and transcendence.

Persistent Faith and Healthy Concept

Seamild core values

Seamild always adheres to the oatmeal health cause. In the face of various temptations, it never changes its original mind, adheres to the introduction of world-class high-quality oats, adheres to the design of our production base and production line with the highest standards in the industry, and adheres to the quality never compromise; Integrity is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, the soul of the market economy and the unshakable basic principle of Ximai in dealing with people and things. Harmony embodies a state of mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual love, mutual help and mutual cooperation between enterprises and employees, between employees, between enterprises and consumers, and between enterprises and strategic partners. Health road is not only the origin of Ximai, but also the future of Ximai. It always adheres to the corporate mission of "serving the health of all".

Stress honesty, principle, responsibility and efficiency

Management idea

"Honesty" is the core principle of our business philosophy. Integrity, since ancient times, is not only the moral cornerstone of our Chinese nation, but also the foundation of an enterprise. Honesty means honesty to colleagues, superiors and subordinates; External means to be honest with customers and consumers. Without the foundation of good faith, it will eventually bring the prisoner's Dilemma and the adverse situation of zero sum game to both sides of cooperation.

Take consumers as the center and employees as the foundation

Service idea

"Customer centric", our customers include our business partners, that is, the concept of to B, and our consumers, that is, the concept of to C. Customers are the driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises. Our work should focus on the theme of "customers" everywhere, including not only the self-examination of our words and deeds, systems and environment, but also a series of operation and management work such as product development and production based on customer needs, so as to build a channel for close interaction with consumers through the bridge of products and services, Continuously improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Dedicated, professional and pursuit of perfection

Product concept

If we want to make achievements in today's society, we must focus on one line and one post. Only by putting all your energy, time and all the resources you can mobilize into your chosen career can you create as much achievements as possible“ "Focus" for Ximai is to devote all efforts to one cause - making the best oatmeal healthy food and spreading such healthy energy to the majority of consumers; For every Ximei person, it is to focus on their own work every day.


Seamild Food Group is a listed enterprise of the whole industry chain of Oat in China [002956], which takes the research, development, production and operation of oat healthy cereal food as the leading industry.


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