"Professional", not seniority, nor experience, but a set of systematic, standardized and can be widely used industry standard system, this system can work to ensure no deviation in the right direction, to minimize work errors and reduce the possibility of failure, so that the work in little detours on the path to success, step forward.



"Dedication", is a high-level work attitude, including respect and respect for the cause of two layers of meaning. Dear cause, is to work into reverence and love feelings, pay a high sense of responsibility; Respect business, is to work into enough respect and attention, pay the necessary mind and energy. Professionalism does not mean that we should do more and more work frequently, but that we should have a sense of responsibility and honor in every work. We should be proud of our successful completion and ashamed of our mistakes and omissions. Delight in the perfect and regret the imperfect.



"Career" should mean self-fulfillment or success. It's not just a job, it's something you aspire to, something you can fall into, something you can do for the rest of your life.

Position: Sales Support (Beijing)

Assist regional director to complete regional daily management: 1. Assist regional director to draft regional sales target and expense rate distribution; 2. Assist regional director to implement approved sales targets, track regional achievement trends and make analysis reports; 3. Assist the regional director to organize the implementation of quarterly sales budget and quarterly sales plan; 4. Assist the region to complete the review and approval of regional quarterly budget; 5. Assist the region to complete the communication and coordination of regional quarterly budget; 6. Organize regional human resources and administrative management, and regularly submit relevant human resources statements to the headquarters; 7. Prepare the regional salary and performance form and submit it to the personnel administration department of the headquarters on time; 8. According to the human resource management requirements of the marketing center, complete relevant operations and properly handle labor disputes; 9. Responsible for regional team building and training, personnel daily management and assessment. Job requirements: 1. College degree or above, major in enterprise management, marketing and other related majors; 2. More than 2 years of marketing experience, with working background in marketing enterprises in food industry; 3. Human resource management foundation is preferred; 4. Diligent, studious, good at communication, strong execution and strong resistance to pressure.

Position: Business Representative (National)

Job responsibilities: 1. Be responsible for the customer development, sales and promotion of the company's products in the market, and improve the product brand and popularity; 2. Complete the implementation and long-term maintenance of display according to the company's display index plan; 3. Develop new markets, follow the car and distribute goods, develop new customers and increase the scope of product sales; 4. Responsible for collecting market information and analyzing competitors. Qualifications: 1. College degree or above, under 30 years old (after 90 years); Excellent people can relax their age; 2. At least 2-3 years working experience in FMCG sales industry, sales management experience is preferred; 3. Good interpersonal communication and coordination skills, ability to analyze and solve problems; 4. Have a strong sense of career responsibility, be able to work under pressure, and have strong communication skills; 5. Have good professional ethics and shall not harm either the company or the distributor.

Role: KA Manager of Beijing Tianjin Hebei

Job requirements: 1. Be responsible for the analysis and research of Ka systems in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, industry analysis and competitive product analysis, and formulate the Ka strategy and market development direction suggestions of the company's products accordingly; 2. Responsible for the procurement of key systems, the formulation and implementation of Ka system tasks, and the planning and control of Ka costs 3. Be responsible for the formulation and implementation of Ka system promotion scheme; 4. Responsible for large terminal management and customer situation maintenance; 5. Be responsible for the collection of payment for the system designated by Ka department; 6. Be responsible for establishing the system database designated by Ka Department (direct, non direct and cross regional); 7. Be responsible for regular inspection of key markets; 8. Responsible for solving cross regional problems; 9. Strictly implement all regulations and forms of the marketing company; 10. Other work assigned by superior leaders. Job requirements: 1. College degree or above in marketing related major; 2. At least 3 years working experience in Ka supervisor or above; 3. Be familiar with the work flow, skills and marketing of the industry, be familiar with all links of the company's operation, and have excellent communication, coordination, organization, promotion, development, innovation and adaptability; 4. Have a high degree of work enthusiasm, professionalism, reason, self-confidence, can withstand pressure, integrity and justice.

Role: Marketing Manager (Beijing)

Job requirements: 1. According to the enterprise development strategy, organize the preparation of the annual market development plan of the region, be responsible for the formulation of the market competition strategy of the region, and report to the marketing director for approval before implementation; 2. Organize subordinates to carry out market research, investigate and analyze market prices and market potential, timely grasp market information, and regularly submit item analysis reports; 3. Organize marketing activities according to the marketing plan and review the marketing plan; 4. Regularly organize marketing public relations, advertising, promotion and other activities; 5. According to the provisions of the enterprise's financial system, timely prepare and review the market development expense budget of the region, control the relevant expenses and reduce the management cost; 6. Assess, compare and motivate the work of subordinates; 7. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders. Qualifications: 1. College degree or above in marketing, management or other related majors; 2. At least 5 years working experience in enterprise market management; 3. Strong market awareness, keen grasp of market dynamics, strong team building ability, innovation ability and execution ability; 4. Justice, integrity, strict management, no favoritism, strong sense of responsibility; 5. Good health and strong pressure resistance.

Role: provincial Manager (Jilin, Beijing)

Job responsibilities: 1. Formulate provincial and regional plans according to the company's sales policies; 2. Ensure the achievement of sales objectives, and strictly implement the company's sales policy and product price system; 3. Implementation, supervision, control and post evaluation of promotional activities, planning, reporting, approval and implementation of theme promotional activities; 4. Formulate and implement the approved expense budget, and submit various work reports on time according to the requirements of the company; 5. Guide and assist regional managers in new product launch promotion; 6. Guide each regional manager to do a good job in dealer development and management, new and old customer replacement, business team management and coordination; Channel dealer development and management; 7. Carry out market segmentation and customer segmentation, and reasonably adjust the market according to the characteristics of the market and the analysis of dealers, so as to ensure the achievement of sales objectives and the stability of customers and teams; 8. Be responsible for the training, guidance, assessment and evaluation of personnel in the area. Complete other related work arranged by superior leaders. Qualifications: 1. More than five years of sales experience, more than three years of marketing and management experience in the same position in FMCG industry; 2. Familiar with FMCG market operation, team management and sales channel management; 3. Keen market insight, strong market response, analysis and processing ability; 4. Have strategy, thinking, determination and method to complete the task.